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The pool is now OPEN!

posted May 26, 2017, 5:44 PM by Daniel Oflaherty
I am proud to announce after a LOT of work by the Board, Property Manager, and Vendors that the pool is now officially OPEN!
Please take time to remember that the board is made up of non-paid volunteer Home Owners that are doing this to give back to the community and improve property values through their time and hard work.
PLEASE NOTE: No child under the age of 16 without adult supervision are allowed in the pool gated area under any circumstance! 

Please read and abide by the Robinson Oaks HOA Pool Rules at all times!

We had a LOT of challenges this year to overcome before we could open the pool, so you can gain appreciation for the effort to get it open the following is a list of just some of the work that went into this effort.
-Replaced failed pump
-Repair water fountain
-Repair broken gate (someone was jumping over it to swim when the pool was closed)
-Tune toilets to flush properly
-City of Denton permit
-Repair Security Camera system
-Replace Phone and Internet provide (Grande Communications cancelled our plan and wanted to force us to a 3x more expense plan last month)
-Replace faulty emergency phone station
-Install new signs
-Work with vendors to give them access and review their work
-Communication with all parties to get the work quoted, scheduled, performed, and validated as complete.

Owning a personal pool is a walk in the park compared to the work involved to keep the community pool open and in tiptop shape!

NOTE: There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, swimming at your own risk.

Anyone observing a violation of the law should call Denton non-emergency at (940) 349-8181.
Observations of rules violations should emailed to

Please help make this a positive year all around for the Community pool!
Thank you all for your patience and we are glad that we can help make your summer more enjoyable and your property values improved through this amazing community amenity.
Daniel Oflaherty,
May 26, 2017, 5:44 PM